Saturday, 19 November 2011

Venice Part 2


I have exactly one week and one day left here in Italy before I return home to England. Lee visited me three weeks ago so I planned an iternary of what we would do and where we would go; we visited the Lido, Burano and enjoyed the views of Venice from atop the Bell Tower in San Marco Square. 

Taking a vaporetto (boat) out to the island, Lido.

 We hired one of these bad boys! We cycled through the Lido and tied it up at the beach where we stopped for some time to take photographs and admire the view. 

Lee made little sand steps for me as I hadn't worn shoes practical for the beach.


Burano is famous for its lace making and you can often see ladies sat on their doorsteps making lace. It is such a beautiful place to visit, the colourful houses complete with canals, quaint bridge crossings and bright boats make you feel like you are in a toy town. 

Bell Tower in Venice

Monday, 14 November 2011


And so the countdown officially begins! I have two weeks left living in Italy before I return home permanently. Quite often when I am detached from the hum drum routine and everyday monotony of life, I am able to revaluate where I am in life and where I actually want to be. So with not being held down by work, bills and other commitments I am able to remind myself what my dreams are, what my  goals are. Instead of putting barriers in the way and making excuses such as time limitations and cost involved, I am going to list my short term aspirations here and make sure to find a way to make them happen.

Learn ballet
Get graded on drums
Learn Italian proficiently 
Learn guitar (once and for all!)
Start fashion business

        Fashion design, dress created from CD cases 2005 - Dana Camm

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


For as long as I can remember I have always loved ballet. My yearning to learn this dance was inspired after watching Rogers and Hammerstein's film Carousel as a child. The scene of Louisa's ballet always makes me feel like becoming a dancer and invokes such fond memories

A couple of years ago I set out to learn it and bought myself some pink leather ballet shoes. I attended an evening ballet class once a week and thoroughly enjoyed it, until I began working in the evenings and I was no longer able to attend the class. Since then I haven't danced or practiced but I was recently inspired to start up again after entering a dance shop in Mestre, Italy. I approached a cupboard where there were ballet shoes upon ballet shoes, stacked on top of one another. It was such a beautiful sight.

So I will share my favourite ballet scene with you, I absolutely love the musical score!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Little Bo Peep Scarf

I am planning on starting a new knitting project soon, I have purchased the pattern here at Etsy. I absolutely love this scarf! It is shaped like a bow and looks perfect to spruce up an outfit on cold, Winter days. I only brought one pair of number 4 knitting needles with me to Venice so I need to buy some more (as I currently have another project underway - a knitted turban headband). There is a yarn shop just a few meters away from the costume atelier where I work so I will buy some nice bamboo ones from there and choose some fluffy wool to knit it up in.

I have also been eyeing up some of tinyowlsmagicattic's other patterns. I am just itching to start making this beekeepers blanket but must wait until I am back home otherwise I will have to leave all of my clothes behind and stuff my suitcase full of wooly projects!

Ciao for now! xox

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Well what can I say? I found my way to Italy! 

I flew out to Italy on the 4th September and will remain here for three months. I have an internship with a famous costume designer in Venice - Nicolao Atelier. I will be constructing historical costumes for two Venetian Opera's: Straw Hat and Marriage of Figaro. This particular costume designer was involved with making the costumes for Pirates of the Caribbean so I am very excited to gain work experience from such an established designer. I have been on a two week intensive Italian language course and completed it, receiving a Diploma on Friday. I am now due to begin my internship on Monday the 19th September.

Since being in Italy for two weeks I have explored several places including Padova, Venice and Mestre. It has been something of a whirlwind and I have seen a lot within such a short space of time. For the first two weeks I have been living in a self contained house on the side of a traditional Italian family home, with five other English girls. The house was surrounded by fields of corn and I was woken every morning by the noises of cockerels as there were chickens in the back garden. On Friday I moved with two of the girls to a place called Mestre. This town is built up and fairly industrial, as it is home to lots of businesses. My apartment here is spacious but lacks calm and tranquility like the Italian family home due to streams of traffic outside. I am grateful for such different experiences so far.

House in the countryside where I stayed for 2 weeks.

View from the living room window.


Outdoor cinema where I watched Harry Potter in Italian.


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Baby Stork 2

With the imminent arrival of my friend's baby I finally finished knitting the baby clothes I blogged about several months ago. I will admit that I hadn't spent as much time knitting as I had planned so it took longer than expected. Here are the photo's modelled by my lovely assistant:

I am selling the same baby clothes in my Etsy shop here, you can choose from a range of colours: pink, blue, yellow or white. Each item can be bought separately.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Checking In

I am becoming increasingly aware that my presence here has reduced somewhat and with recently starting this blog I would like to keep up the momentum. I have so many ideas, pretty pictures and stories that I would like to share with the world but this month has been fairly hectic.

I have an interview tomorrow for a three month work placement in Italy so I have been trying to teach myself Italian to give myself a head start. On top of this I have several knitting projects underway that need finishing but have been neglected for too long. I have a sewing project underway that I must attend to also, as well as updating the Etsy shop that I own jointly with my mother (Mammy). I work in the evenings so the times I would like to be crafting are lost and then the weekends have been taken up with filming, as I play the part of a character for an independent production company (posts on this in the near future). To finish up with I am in talks with setting up a market stall in the city (Leicester) so I have another avenue in which to sell my knitting and handmade garments.

Thank you to everyone so far who has looked at my blog and for stopping by to say hello. I am still working on building it to become what I envision it to be so keep checking back. I will have more updates soon to share with you.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Home Sweet Home

Having lived in a rented apartment for nearly two and a half years I am itching for a place of my own to call home. I love the quaint English cottages in the pictures below. These are something to aspire to - I'm still dreaming!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Nana Pauline

My Nana knitted all her life and it was her alongside my Mammy who taught me how to knit. I took to it very well and soon became involved with creating whatever I was able to from a young age. At the time I did not follow patterns, nor know of their existence and only in my early twenties did I truly become aware of the possibilities of knitting. 

Nana would knit all the time, mainly jumpers for herself and cushion covers adorned with knitted flowers (these were my favourite). Sadly before she passed away she knitted a fluffy scarf for Mammy, my two sisters and I. It was heart breaking to see because her knitting had become wonky and holes appeared where they would not have normally. It was clear that she was unwell yet she carried on knitting until she was no longer able to. 

Two years have since passed by and it seemed right to carry on her talent and clear love of knitting. I only discovered about a year ago but had Nana known about it she would have been so excited that she could sell items she had knitted. In memory of Nana I have set up a knitting shop, Homely Handmade (no sparks of imagination with the shop name as I was eager to set up!) I have filled it with her own creations that the family are happy to see go to a good home, alongside new lines of items that Mammy and I are currently working on. I am particularly inspired by her handmade knitted flower cushions and plan to replicate these and design them according to the different seasons. Our knitting shop can be found on the above navigation bar under Curiosity Shop or you can click here.


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Honey Trees

I recently discovered The Honey Trees. Wow! A couple of nights ago I was hopping from blog to flickr and stumbled across photographs of a lovely young couple. On further searching I obtained what I was looking for... 

I adore the sweet melodic tones the lead singer has. I often had aspirations of being a singer myself but am unfortunately cursed with severe shyness. Nevertheless, this has inspired me to continue learning acoustic guitar to accompany my already learned skills at playing the drums. Maybe there will be an opening in the music industry for me somewhere?