Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Knitting Machine

I have finally taken the plunge to buy a knitting machine! I bought it off Ebay after several attempts and stressful bidding wars and eventually became the winner of a Brother KH891 model with ribber attachment and lace carriage. I received it about two weeks ago and since then I have managed to set it up by using the instruction manual and I have also knitted some samples. I must admit, it took me a fair while (possibly days) to even get the machine to knit more than one row. The stitches wouldn't set properly so after lots of googling and you-tubing I figured out that the problem was the tension.

Only recently I thought to purchase a knitting machine after realising that I would be able to knit in volume. For a while now I have been meaning to design, knit and sell my knitting creations online so a knitting machine seemed like the next natural step in order to progress this idea. I adore knitting by hand and find it relaxing and so much more rewarding than knitting using a machine. The plan is to knit bulk items and then knit by hand for more intricate detailing.

My knitting machine has taken over my bedroom so that I now have a half studio. I have strategically placed it opposite the window so when I am working I can overlook the River Soar. It is lovely to stand there working with the sounds of birds and ducks and all kinds of other nature.

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