Saturday, 28 May 2011

Home Sweet Home

Having lived in a rented apartment for nearly two and a half years I am itching for a place of my own to call home. I love the quaint English cottages in the pictures below. These are something to aspire to - I'm still dreaming!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Nana Pauline

My Nana knitted all her life and it was her alongside my Mammy who taught me how to knit. I took to it very well and soon became involved with creating whatever I was able to from a young age. At the time I did not follow patterns, nor know of their existence and only in my early twenties did I truly become aware of the possibilities of knitting. 

Nana would knit all the time, mainly jumpers for herself and cushion covers adorned with knitted flowers (these were my favourite). Sadly before she passed away she knitted a fluffy scarf for Mammy, my two sisters and I. It was heart breaking to see because her knitting had become wonky and holes appeared where they would not have normally. It was clear that she was unwell yet she carried on knitting until she was no longer able to. 

Two years have since passed by and it seemed right to carry on her talent and clear love of knitting. I only discovered about a year ago but had Nana known about it she would have been so excited that she could sell items she had knitted. In memory of Nana I have set up a knitting shop, Homely Handmade (no sparks of imagination with the shop name as I was eager to set up!) I have filled it with her own creations that the family are happy to see go to a good home, alongside new lines of items that Mammy and I are currently working on. I am particularly inspired by her handmade knitted flower cushions and plan to replicate these and design them according to the different seasons. Our knitting shop can be found on the above navigation bar under Curiosity Shop or you can click here.


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Honey Trees

I recently discovered The Honey Trees. Wow! A couple of nights ago I was hopping from blog to flickr and stumbled across photographs of a lovely young couple. On further searching I obtained what I was looking for... 

I adore the sweet melodic tones the lead singer has. I often had aspirations of being a singer myself but am unfortunately cursed with severe shyness. Nevertheless, this has inspired me to continue learning acoustic guitar to accompany my already learned skills at playing the drums. Maybe there will be an opening in the music industry for me somewhere?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Herb Kitchen

Living in an apartment in the city I don't have the benefit of having a garden. I am an eager gardener and have previously owned an allotment before having to give it up to attend university further away. With the warmer weather approaching I have been itching to start growing some flowers and spruce the apartment balcony up with some foliage. Aside from the visual appeal to plants I have also been wanting to start to live a healthier lifestyle and grow my own fruit and vegetables. However, with limited space I can only achieve this through pots and small compost grow bags.

I started growing Chinese herbs three weeks ago and needed to repot them fairly soon after as they have grown very quickly! Today I transfered the herbs into white ceramic pots and they are now big enough to sit on my kitchen shelf. Hopefully soon I will be able to pick the herbs and add them to my cooking. Below are images of Pak Choi, Coriander and Onion herbs.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mango Street

April in the UK has been the warmest on record this year so I have been torn as to what to wear each day, thinking that each day will come with rain. So in fitting with our warm month I am loving these cute hot pants and crop tops. They just scream Summer with their floral and whimsy fabric. Photographs courtesy of Planet Blue's look book: check out Mango Street here.