Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Herb Kitchen

Living in an apartment in the city I don't have the benefit of having a garden. I am an eager gardener and have previously owned an allotment before having to give it up to attend university further away. With the warmer weather approaching I have been itching to start growing some flowers and spruce the apartment balcony up with some foliage. Aside from the visual appeal to plants I have also been wanting to start to live a healthier lifestyle and grow my own fruit and vegetables. However, with limited space I can only achieve this through pots and small compost grow bags.

I started growing Chinese herbs three weeks ago and needed to repot them fairly soon after as they have grown very quickly! Today I transfered the herbs into white ceramic pots and they are now big enough to sit on my kitchen shelf. Hopefully soon I will be able to pick the herbs and add them to my cooking. Below are images of Pak Choi, Coriander and Onion herbs.

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