Saturday, 17 September 2011


Well what can I say? I found my way to Italy! 

I flew out to Italy on the 4th September and will remain here for three months. I have an internship with a famous costume designer in Venice - Nicolao Atelier. I will be constructing historical costumes for two Venetian Opera's: Straw Hat and Marriage of Figaro. This particular costume designer was involved with making the costumes for Pirates of the Caribbean so I am very excited to gain work experience from such an established designer. I have been on a two week intensive Italian language course and completed it, receiving a Diploma on Friday. I am now due to begin my internship on Monday the 19th September.

Since being in Italy for two weeks I have explored several places including Padova, Venice and Mestre. It has been something of a whirlwind and I have seen a lot within such a short space of time. For the first two weeks I have been living in a self contained house on the side of a traditional Italian family home, with five other English girls. The house was surrounded by fields of corn and I was woken every morning by the noises of cockerels as there were chickens in the back garden. On Friday I moved with two of the girls to a place called Mestre. This town is built up and fairly industrial, as it is home to lots of businesses. My apartment here is spacious but lacks calm and tranquility like the Italian family home due to streams of traffic outside. I am grateful for such different experiences so far.

House in the countryside where I stayed for 2 weeks.

View from the living room window.


Outdoor cinema where I watched Harry Potter in Italian.


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