Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Girl Crush

I recently discovered a new blog by the name of Esme and the Laneway. Marianne grew up in England but now lives in Melbourne with her fiance and fluffy cat, Babycat. I am in love with her ever changing hair styles and have girl envy with how she can change her hair colour so dramatically yet suit every shade. The pastel shades of pink are ones that I have tried to wear myself but unfortunately only managed to get to the blonde stage. I am naturally dark haired so any shade aside from brown, red and black just doesn't work. Humph!

Here are just a few of her ever changing hair colours/styles.


I love each and every one of them and can't believe how she can suit all those different shades. I wish my hair was that versatile! <3

What is your favourite shade?


  1. I do agree, she looks great in all different shades. My favourite has to be the top/red colour. She looks simply beautiful in that picture. I would love to dye my hair but I just dont have the time or talent to do it myself. Having it done by the hairdresser costs a lot of money. :-/ x I can keep dreaming...

  2. I agree Sarah, I love the red colour. I have attempted to go red myself recently but it faded quickly and wasn't as vibrant. I'd love to know where she gets her hair done (except it'd be a far trek to go all the way to Australia to visit the hairdressers!) Although apparently when she lived in England she got her hair coloured and cut in Brighton :-)

    I definitely need to take a leaf out of her book and spend more time/money on my appearance.

  3. Totally agree she is simply adorable, I love all of her hair colours, the black is really striking on her with her blue eyes, but I think the red is probably my favorite too! I would love to try really changing my hair colour but mine is so dark I would have to bring on the bleach and that bit scares the life out of me :) xx

  4. Wendy I have the same problem! My hair is just too dark to change my colour too drastically. I used to colour my hair black but now I find it is too harsh for my pale skin. It suits Marianne so well though. Wendy you are best staying clear from bleach, I have had many incidents relating to that and never quite learned my lesson, even after suffering breakage and dry straw-like hair x