Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sew For Victory

I recently stumbled upon a blog post by Rochelle at Lucky Lucille where she is encouraging all crafters to join in with a Sew-Along Project to make a garment either from an original, reproduced or 1940's inspired pattern. I was immediately interested in participating in this challenge but overwhelmed by how little time I have to make something before the 1st April deadline. You may have seen a bit of tumbleweed blowing around the blog front for a while since I haven't been updating it as much as I would like to. The reason for the neglect is because I started working a second job in November last year which hasn't left me with any time. Needless to say, I panicked at the prospect of not being able to join in with the challenge, knowing my 13.5 working day (the half hour makes all the difference!) wouldn't allow me enough time to get anything done. In this case, the second mouse does not get the cheese and I found this project a little later than what I would have hoped to. In reality I think there is little doubt in my mind that I will be able to complete my chosen garment in time. 

However, not wanting to miss out on all the fun, I have decided to start making my garment anyway, even if I don't complete it on time. Considering I won't be playing by all the rules with the deadline, I decided to recreate a coat from the 1960's. Anyway, what difference does two decades make teehee! I purchased this original vintage coat pattern from here at Etsy, in PDF format at the bargain price of £2.05. I fell in love with this coat instantly and think it will be all the more special if I make it myself. I want to wear it with long gloves. It will look just fabulous dah-ling!

The pattern states the required amount of wool in ounces so first I had the task of converting ounces into grams. A lovely gentleman in John Lewis in London helped with this first task and we worked out that 2 oz. balls relates to ten 100g balls. I ordered 11 balls of wool, just to be on the safe side and picked my parcel up from the post office today. I squealed with delight and hopped around my apartment upon opening my parcel, pleased with my choice in colour. Got to love the purchase of a new batch of wool <3

Since I am not particularly good with sewing, I am in two minds about adding the fur trim to the collar and cuffs. I may decide once I have knitted the coat in full and see what it looks like. It may be an idea to create the fur trims so that they are detachable, making the coat versatile for our ever-changing British weather. 

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