Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Not So Secret Vintage Fair

On Saturday I attended a vintage fair in Colchester town, which was held inside Colchester Castle. It was advertised in our local newspaper and various social networking sites as the 'Secret Vintage Fair', although upon arriving, a long queue snaked around Colchester Castle so I thought it couldn't have been that secret! I attended the fair with Mammy (mother), and my two sisters, Fallon and Camella. We queued for around 40 minutes to even get inside the Castle but oh it was worth the wait! I browsed the first stall of vintage jewellery for ten or so minutes, trying to choose a vintage ring for myself. They were priced at only £3.00 each so I bought two. A large blue gem set with smaller diamonds surrounding it (just like Duchess Kate Middleton's engagement ring!) and a pretty red stone encased in diamonds. I was hoping to find some vintage brooches, as myself and Mammy are currently working on a collection of hand knitted turbans/headbands with brooches attached. Unfortunately I didn't find any that took my fancy, so I shall be sourcing those from elsewhere.

We happened to walk by just at the right moment to get a front row view of the vintage fashion show. All of the dresses being modeled were available to buy from the various exhibitors within the fair. Some were original vintage pieces and others were reproductions. (Apologies for the poor quality of photographs, the lighting in the Castle was very dark). There was a singer singing vintage songs and a small orchestra playing 'Lets Face the Music and Dance. 

It was a very good fair and the prices were reasonable. I networked with some of the crafters and took some business cards. I came away feeling inspired and eager to work on my knitting creations. I want to keep my eyes peeled for next time there is a fair so I can attend as an exhibitor. Watch this space!


  1. So glad you enjoyed it- we had a ball arranging it! Janine x (Lesley's Girls Vintage and Secret Vintage Fair)

  2. Yes it was a great day out thanks! Colchester should have more of that, there was such a good turn out x